Logistics and groupage services

What is groupage?

groupage and warehousing service

Groupageis a very widespread type of shipping because it is cost effective– goods from different senders are grouped together in a single shipment. If the goods to be shipped are from the same country and have the same destination, they can be loaded on the same vehicle. A key role in groupage is played by the freight forwarder who must divide and assemble different quantities of goods according to specific characteristics.

Role and duties of freight forwarder in groupage

The freight forwarder is responsible for bringing together the goods to be shipped according to well-defined characteristics and quality, from the type of goods to their dimensions. Given this major role, it is important for customers to be able to rely on partners who perform reliable and secure groupage operations with solid experience such as Jet Line.

The benefits of Jet Line's groupage service

The groupage serviceis definitely cheaper than individual shipments because shipping costs are split among different senders. Relying on Jet Line means not only enjoying valid groupage transport but also a whole range of additional services such as meticulous storage operations, the warehousing and goods storage service, and the maximum openness to satisfying customer needs.

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