Containers for national and international shipments

Goods storage in guarded warehouse

container transport

The resources available to Jet Line hace allowed the Como-based company to create a large pool of containersof all sizes and types, according to the kind of goods to be contained.

Birth and development of the logistics sector

Especially in recent years, companies have felt the need to develop a logistics department for the storage of large quantities of goods. This has given rise to the creation of companies which are increasingly specialised in goods storage, offering their customers space and special containers to house goods waiting to be delivered.

Jet Line's warehousing service

Jet Line has adopted this line of development by refining its contract warehousingservice. If you need to ship your goods in Italy or abroad, but at the moment do not know where to store them, Jet Line not only ships rapidly but also allows you to store them in its large warehouseequipped with all the appropriate instruments and goods handling machines.

Secure warehouse and access control

For the complete security of your goods, the Jet Line warehouse is equipped with facilities – and a highly sophisticated security system with access control – in order to avoid any type of intrusion. For delicate goods and in order not to damage your products, the warehouse also has an air conditioning system.

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