Sending international mail and parcels

Jet Line's charter of postal services

postal services charter

The Como-based company also ideals with the sending of mail and parcel post at international level, as provided for by law. Here is the corporate document attesting to the service.


in accordance with AGCOM Directive No. 413/14 of 29.7.2014

1. In carrying out its activities of "international shipping", the undersigned company JET LINE S.R.L. performs – also occasionally –the transport of postal items and parcels up to 30 kilograms.

2. This service falls under the regulations of postal services referred to in 261 of 22 July 1999, as amended by Legislative Decree No. 58 of 31 March 2011. To this end, the undersigned is the holder of general authorisation no. DGCA/7/1/AD/16 R/163 for postal services.

3. The service is not covered by the Universal Service and never substitutes the same. It is not performed in a standardised manner, but with differences of detail depending on the needs of customers (mostly businesses) and includes value-added services such as guarantee of delivery by a certain date, withdrawal at the address indicated by the sender, preparation of shipping options online, delivery to the addressee in person, possibility of changing destination or addressee in transit, confirmation to the sender of delivery, and a search and tracking system.

4. Consequently, the service is governed by the agreement – written or verbal – entered into from time to time between the undersigned and the service contractor (hereinafter customer).

5. The price of the service is left to free negotiation between the parties.

6. The offer of the service is advertised on the website of the undersigned

7. In case of damage to the shipped package, the customer is entitled to compensation. If the goods are not insured, compensation is calculated withing the limits of Article 1696 of the Italian Civil Code. If the the goods are insured at the customer's request, compensation is calculated within the limits of the amount insured.

8. Claims procedure: the customer may file a claim in writing within 30 days of completed shipping, via email to, or by telephone at +39 031 592600 or fax at +39 031 526 230.

9. The outcome of the claim is notified no later than 45 days from receipt of the claim.

10. In case of no response or an unsatisfactory reply, the customer may submit a request for conciliation pursuant to Art. 3 of the AGCOM Regulations approved with Resolution 184/13/CONS (available at If the customer deems the outcome of the conciliation procedure unsatisfactory, it may refer to AGCOM itself for resolving the dispute in accordance with Article 6 of the aforementioned Regulations.

11. This is all without prejudice to the customer's right of appeal to the judicial authorities, irrespective of submission of the complaint and the request for conciliation, or alternatively, to turn to mechanisms of out-of-court settlement of the dispute under Legislative Decree 28/2010.

12. This Charter of Postal Services is available on the website

13. The undersigned does not exercise activity in places open to the public.

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